Our Vision

In 1925, William Wrigley Jr. and his wife Ada purchased a set of Deagan Chimes and had a tower designed and built on a hillside above Avalon to house them. Their efforts and vision have brought joy to generations of Avalon residents and visitors ever since.

In 2013, the Chimes Tower Foundation assumed ownership of this “jewel” of Avalon, making it our responsibility to preserve and build on the dreams of this dynamic couple.

Through the raising and stewardship of funds and contributions from those near and far, we plan to refurbish the chimes, restore, renovate and improve access to this beloved structure, and care for it in perpetuity. This will ensure that not only will the Chimes Tower’s tolling and music continue to resonate through the town, but also the building itself will offer those who visit a greater view and better understanding of this Avalon landmark.

Ultimately we intend to create an endowment, which will enable the Chimes Tower to be self-sustaining.

Drawing by Leonardo Nunez