List of Donors


$50,000 and over

Blanny Avalon Hagenah

Alison Wrigley and Geoffrey Claflin Rusack

Santa Catalina Island Company





A.G. Cox Charity Trust

Catalina Island Yacht Club Foundation

Susan and Phil Hagenah

Jane and Drew Lanza

Michael and Linda Rivkin Fund at the San Diego Foundation

Rose, Rose & Rose - Roy Rose

William T. & Susana D. Huston Family Foundation




Greg Bombard

County of Los Angeles

Melissa and Trevor Fetter

Steven Mandel

The Richard and Alison Johnston Trust 





Pamela Albers

Linda and Trent Anderson

Beaumont Marine Consulting - Don Beaumont

Dana and Sam Bell
Ronald H. Bevins, Jr.
Doug, Audrey and Wendy Bombard
Anthony Budrovich
Dolores and Michael Burgess
Christina M. Cameron
Claudia and Charlie Canby
Pat Carter
Catalina Coffee & Cookie Company - Erin Eubank
Curtis Family Trust - Kevin Curtis and Janice Curtis

Andrea and Ernest Diaz

Glen Gustafson

Clifford Hague

Lawrence Harris, Jr.
Carol and Randall Herrel
Jessica Hibbs

Edith Hugo
Island Threadz - John Lafleur

Kellie and Gary Johnson
Sharon Johnston

Louis Kridle

Charles E. Lake
Gina and David Long

Maggie's Blue Rose

Patrick McAlister

Sheila M. Palazzolo

Rudy Piltch
Paul Reed

Carol Reynolds

Wendy and Robert Shavelle

Alan Stearns

Catherine K. Stephens

Steve's Steakhouse - Steve Bray

Cheryl and Charlie Wagner
Jennifer Werner



Norman Adams

Linda Altherr

Cynthia Anderson

Stacy and Jeffrey Ashrove

Ann and Olin Barrett

Richard W. Barrett

Donald Beaver

G. R. Boelsems

Sue and Bruce Bray

Brown's Bikes
Sherry Bullock
Kathie Cain
John Capitani

Fred Casstevens

Dana Chin
Jean and Donald Clem
Wallace F. Cook

David Crout and Sandra Birkner
Adele and Steven Crow
Bert Darling

Wendi DeBie

Kathleen Devitt

Sandra De Young
Barbara and Ronald Doutt

Donna Lynn Eisenhut
Jani Eisenhut

Mary H. Epsten

Bruce Fertig
Field Family Trust

Carmen Gomez and Ernie Bencom Fierro

Robert Flaig

Gail Fornasiere

Michael J. Multari and Denise Fourie
Gordon T. Frost, Jr.
Lorraine L. and Jerry L. Gaines

Rose Ellen Gardner
Charles "Bud" Garrett

Dr. Adrianne H. Geiger-Dumond

Lisa Gelker

Robert Goldstein
Donna and Huntly Gordon
Lee S. Grey

Colleen Grigg
Susan Haleblain

Wendy and Rick Harp

Kathleen Harrison

Gloria E. Hayes

Diana and Stephen Hilbert

Gail Hodge

David Howell
Claudia Huber
Island Breeze Spa and Salon - Lourdes Thoricht

Covelle Jude

Hal Kinman
Patricia and Allen Klingensmith
Kathy Knight

Cynthia Kumanchik
Janet and James Laird
Kayla Lawrence
Phyllis Levine
Christy Lins

Tiberio P. Lizza
Marc Loopesko

Sharon Malandra
Linda Massey
Eileen Mattson
Shelley McGuire

Kristin Metcalfe
Ralph Morrow

Eleanor and Billie Murphy

Robert Neighbour

Jackie & Paul Neil

Mark Newman

Noel Family Living Trust - Donna and Stephen D. Noel
Jason Paret

Paula Patterson

Julie Perlin Lee
Helen-Marie C. Alan M. Petersen

Ron Piazza

Joan and Ted Price

Jeannie Quesenberry

Ramona Richardson
Sarah Rorick-Orlando

Bradley Rotholz and Debra Michaels

Shannon Rowe

Marsha Rybin
Bert Scott

Natalie and Stephen Sellers
Linda and Gary Skinner
Mary and Stephen Smith

Robert Steffen

Tamara and D Scott Stuart
Adrian Sweet

Steve Tabor

David Thompson

Alice Torres

Pam Turbeville

Suzanne and Victor Vasu

James Wachtler
Kathleen and Roger Wesley
Wayne Wiedenbeck

Melissa Wright

Sharokina Yacoob